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20 January, 2011

Websites for research on Ancient Civilizations




Aztec and Inca

11 January, 2011

January 4th to 6th - Week 1

We worked for only three days in the first week of the second term.

In UOI, we continued with the unit on civilizations. The students did Map work and located the different continents and the states of India on a world and an Indian map respectively. The students did the progressive mind maps and analyzed the meaning of a 'civilization' using the story boards. We began with the Indus Valley Civilization. Students were divided into groups based on the different aspects of a civilization: Culture, systems, inventions and discoveries and other interesting facts.

In English, we continued with story writing. The students wrote the stories for their story boards in their writing books. We also looked into direct and indirect speech and their interconversion.

In math, we first had revision for the mid term assessment. All the concepts covered in the first term were revised in the class. We then began with the unit on fractions. We had the pre unit assessment. The students were asked to estimate fractions on straight lines. They were then asked to calculate the correct answer and find the errors. We also had some extension activities.

07 January, 2011

Math homework - 7th January

As we had a break today and we have a weekend ahead, here is some math homework for the students. This will help them with the Math mid term assessment to be held on Monday. The concept of BODMAS needed some extra practice and hence more problems on this concept have been given. Part 1 and 2 needs to be done by all, part 3 and 4 are extension. All the problems can be solve in the math notebook or can be copied and printed out.


1. (740 ÷ 5) - (2 + 3)
2. 732 ÷ 6 × 1 + 4
3. (880 ÷ 5) + 5 - 2
4. (9 + 1 × 5 + 2) ÷ (8 × 1)
5. 624 ÷ 8 × 2 + 1 × 3 - 4
6. (234 ÷ 2) + (944 ÷ 8)
7.  8 + 306 ÷ 9
9. (180 ÷ 3) × (1 + 1) × 2
10. (6 + 5 × 2 + 2) ÷ (8 - 2 × 1)
11. (385 ÷ 5) - (3 + 2 + 5 × 4)
12. 868 ÷ 7 × 4 + 2 + 3
13. (5 × 2) - 4 + 3 × (660 ÷ 5)

PART 2 (For all):


1. Tyler and Christina are playing a game in which each player either wins, loses, or draws (ties) at each turn. The winner of a turn is awarded 5 points, and the loser loses 5 points. If it is a draw, 0 points are awarded. For the first eight rounds Tyler had the following results: lose, win, lose, win, win, lose, win, draw. What was Christina's point total for the rounds?

2. During an electronics experiment in your laboratory, you measure the voltage at terminal A on your newly designed circuit. You measure -12 volts. You check the same terminal after making a small change to the circuit and this time you measure -18 volts. What was the voltage difference between the two readings? 

4. Mr. Waffle is a circus clown. He starts the day with sixty-eight pieces of candy. At the end of the day he has given away 383 pieces of candy. How many more pieces of candy did he have to get, in addition to his original sixty-eight, to be able to give away that many pieces?

5. Tasha finished the first draft of her history essay. The teacher said it had to be at least six hundred words long. She counted the words in her draft and found she had 369. How many more words does she need to meet the minimum word count for the assignment?

6. Courtney is very interested in cryogenics (the science of very low temperatures). With the help of her science teacher she is doing an experiment on the affect of low temperatures on bacteria. She cools one sample of bacteria to a temperature of -58°C and another to -85°C. What was the temperature difference in the two experiments?

Part 3 (Extension):
Here are a few tricky word problems. Give it a shot!

1. If 2 cds and 3 tapes cost £51, and 2 cds and 5 tapes cost £65, what is the cost of 1 tape?

2. If a shirt and tie cost £45, a shirt and jacket cost £155, and a jacket and a tie cost £120, what is the cost of the shirt?

3. If 2 cheese and tomato pizzas and one garlic bread cost £10.60, and one cheese and tomato pizza and 2 garlic breads cost £6.50, what is the total cost of 1 cheese and tomato pizza and 1 garlic bread?

4. 8 bolts and 6 nuts weigh 138 grams. 3 bolts and 5 nuts weigh 71 grams. Work out the weight of the following:-

(a) 4 bolts and 3 nuts

(b) 11 bolts and 11 nuts

(c) 3 bolts and 3 nuts

(d) 1 bolt
5. The numbers ½ , x, y, ¾ are in increasing order of size. The difference between successive numbers in this list are all the same. What is the value of y?

6. The last part of a telephone number has four digits, e.g.

7814 1487 2103 2772

The last part of the telephone number can start with any digit apart from zero.

The other three digits can be any number. How many four digit numbers are there?

7. If 100 dice show a total score of 361, what is the total of the 100 numbers which are hidden underneath each of these dice?

8. A train leaves London at 11 am and travels at a speed of 60km/hr to Reading, which is 60km from London. Another train leaves Reading at 11:30 am on the same day, and travels on a parallel track towards London at the same speed of 60km/hr. At what time do the trains pass each other?

9. In a directory of names of members of a club, 25 names are listed on each page, beginning with page 1. On what page is the 730th name listed?

10. Find the cost of 1 1/4 kg of carrots at £1.88 per kg.

PART 4 (Extension):