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10 March, 2011

Reflection by Koumudhi Reddy - March 9th (Wednesday)

It was an awesome day!

Everyone did what they liked the best during Hobby classes. In math, we had to show percent by using manipulative and solve some questions in our note book.U.O.I was also very interesting.In English, we are doing 'Writing to inquire', so, we had to make  inquiry questions related to technology and find the answers by researching in the Library. We will preparing a report based on our research. We also watched some videos on the history of computers and how the internet works which was followed by discussions. During Art, boys and girls were grouped to make a scene with characters. Characters were made by recycling paper.Some people also got to make poster on shapes. We are all working towards making a 'Story board'.

We were all 'Inquirers' today and used our 'creativity' too!

07 March, 2011

Reflection by Abhay Daga - March 7th (Monday)

Monday was a filled with a lot of fun. We were dressed in our formal uniforms. We had many specialist classes like second language, art etc. It was very inportant because we had our pre-unit-assesment in math for Percentage.We watched many brainpop videos for our new unit on Technology!!! We continued to use the 'concentric circles' which is one of our thinking tools. In english, We learnt how to do the critical analysis of a story.

In art, we had to compete our sculpting. It was amazing! My second language was Hindi and we had to complete our assesments. At the end of of the day I stayed back for horse riding which was again a lo of fun as we learnt a new lesson.

04 March, 2011

Reflection by Ria Sardesai - March 4th (Friday)

On Friday, we did so much!! We learned about T.V.’s, and how they work. We also learned how different T.V.’s do different procedures to get the same effect. Like a LCD TV uses a back-light to produce a picture, whereas a Plasma TV uses ionized gases to produce a picture. Also we learned a bit about analogies, and how they are similar to equivalent ratios. We also discussed how our short holiday went. Most people had great holidays, including me. We discussed how movies are associated with our unit: Technology. So we watched a movie, but not just any movie, a 3-D movie! We integrated fun with work, and got an awesome result. In the end, I realized that we use all sorts of things, but we never think about how they work.

We also reviewed what we learned about phones. I found it fascinating how the antenna can search about 10 miles away from where it is, just to find a base station! It is amazing how much technology we use in our life without really realizing it. It was also interesting to find out about analogies, and how they apply to our everyday life. Well, this about wraps it up, so see you fifth graders on Monday!

- Ria Sardesai

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