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18 October, 2010

18th October

Today, the students of grade 5 did an interesting assessment for order of opertions. They went to the link and answered the questions appeared on page. The website gave results based on their accuracy and time taken. It also offered further practice based on their performance. The students enjoyed the task a lot and now look forward to such assessments.
In UOI, we formed groups based on the different materials that the students want to inquire into. These are: metal, plastic, soil, food, gases, rubber, wood and cloth. The students will be performing experiments on these materials to derive at their properties.


Anonymous said...

will the children be taught information technology as a course in the pyp level?

Archana said...

No.. Its integrated in our subject disciplines.. English,
maths and unit of inquiry. Like grade five has an entire unit on technology in which they will learn all about IT and more!

Amrit said...

I surely love reading your blog since it is neat and fun to read about our activities.
u should write about our diwali
dhamaka too. I am happy about holidays but...I will miss Indus, you and my friends...
I have started loving this blog..

Archana said...

That is so sweet of you Amrit... it is superb to hear from students!! And yes, will soon put up pictures of our Diwali Dhamaka! Have a great Diwali!!