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13 October, 2010

13th October

The first thing in the morning, we discussed the homework given on topic sentences. The children were supposed to analyze a few topic sentences and say whether it a good one or not. If not, they were asked to think of a better topic sentence along with guessing the topic. We discussed what each child's opinion was. They were also asked to justify their opinion. This gave them an opportunity to understand the concept of writing topic sentences better.

In math, we had a formative assessment on order of operations. The children were given an open ended task in which they were asked to think of four different number that could form an expression using the four operations and result to 24. The children were highly enthusiastic about solving this one as it involved a lot of critical thinking skills. Many children eventually got the trick!

In UOI, we had a tuning in activity. The children were taken to the chemistry lab. The lab attendant Mr. Govind performed a series of interesting experiments (liquids changing colour, litmus paper changing colour, metal ribbon burning with a bright flame, gases making 'pop' sound, etc.). This intrigued the children a lot and they were constantly in a 'questioning' mode. This is the exact purpose of a tuning in activity.

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