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27 October, 2010

27th October

We began the day by discussing the UOI/English homework. The Grade fives were given a list of scientific terms related to the unit of matter. They were asked to use the dictionary to find the meanings/definitions. We discussed in the class the different results and attempted to analyze them. Some of were: vaccum, malleable, ductile, conductivity, tension, resistance, porous, corrosion, abbrasive, etc.

We also had a class discussion based on positive thinking. The children used a graphis organizer to reflect on themselves. They analyzed their current behaviour and realized the improvements required.

We spent the rest of the day practicing for the cultural fest. The programme begins at 10:30 am on Friday. It will take place in the Secondary block. Directions will be given at your arrival.

The children have been given homework: math puzzles and a crossword ( Some children called me up saying that they were unable to open the website. There is nothing to worry... it can be done at school tomorrow!

26th October

We were unable to much today due to the rehearsal.
The children made invitations for the cultural fest in the morning.

25 October, 2010

25th October

The highlight of the day was science!

We discussed the various experiments that the children had done for homework over the weekend. We analyzed the results the children had attained. We had many 'scientific' discussions. The important ones were: atoms and molecules, meaning of electricity and static electricity, meaning of elements, conductivity of heat, etc. Each child got an opportunity to share with the class their experiment report.

We also discussed the math puzzle that the children had received on Friday. Although it was a tricky one, many children were able to solve it.

We spent the rest of the day practicing for the cultural fest.

21 October, 2010

21st October

We went to the Chemistry lab again today. The students conducted an experiment to find the boiling point of water. They were asked to take notes and to come up with a structure for an experiment report. They made observations through out the experiment and also made illustrations. They concluded that the boiling point of water is 100 degrees celcius. They leanrt the meaning of the term 'apparatus'. They also noted down the vrious measurements.
After coming back to class, we analyzed the observations made. The structure/template for an 'Experiment report' was introduced to them. For homework, the children have been asked to conduct a simple experiment at home and fill up a blank report template.

20 October, 2010

20th October

Today, we did an activity which integrated math, English as well as UOI!

The children watched a very nice video on As we learning about matter and materials, we will be conducting many experiments! And with experiments are incomplete without measurements! Hence, we focused on this very concept. The children watched a video about what is the meaning of measuring matter. They were introduced to the physical quantities: mass, volume and density. The most interesting fact that they learnt was they learnt was the difference between 'mass' and 'weight'. Watching the video gave the children an opportunity to begin enhancing their note - taking skills. Tomorrow, we will inquire into the physical and chemical properties of water by conducting experiments. They will learn to write 'lab reports' and also get a hands on experience on taking measurements.

As a part of the 'library week', the children participated in a session of story telling by Ms. Deepa. The children enjoyed it so much that they did not want her to stop!!

For homework, the children will write a reflection on the story telling session. They will also write an essay on 'Life without measurements'. They have been asked to make use of good topic sentences. As mentioned in the homework notes today, I wanted to reiterate that all the homework given during the week is always due on the next day, unless otherwise mentioned. The only exception is on Fridays when the homework is due on the following Tuesdays. This is because most of the students are pre occupied during the weekend. Please let me know if you have any queries regarding this.

We also had a run through for 29th October.

Due to technical problems with the website, I am not able to upload pictures for today and yesterday. Will surely do it ASAP!

19th Otober

The fifth graders had a very exciting day as they used their favourite tool for learning: "The internet!"
We did a math assessment using the website It worked very well as the children solved the questions put up on the page and received results depending on the accuracy and the time consumed. They also got extra practice depending on their performance.

The students took part in a poetry writing competition. The theme was importance of reading. They could choose any style of poetry writing. As they have recently inquired into the world of poetry, this gave them an opportunity to flaunt their skills!

In UOI, the inquiry groups looked into the 'form' of their materials. They made observations by looking at samples in the school. They completed a organizing chart to write what their material looks like, feels like, sounds like, smells like and tastes like (for some). We are now focusing on the 'physical properties of materials'.

18 October, 2010

18th October

Today, the students of grade 5 did an interesting assessment for order of opertions. They went to the link and answered the questions appeared on page. The website gave results based on their accuracy and time taken. It also offered further practice based on their performance. The students enjoyed the task a lot and now look forward to such assessments.
In UOI, we formed groups based on the different materials that the students want to inquire into. These are: metal, plastic, soil, food, gases, rubber, wood and cloth. The students will be performing experiments on these materials to derive at their properties.

15 October, 2010

15th October

Today, the fifth graders completed their English summative assessment. The first draft is ready. They may edit the same and publish it on the coloured sheet given. An illustration can be included for better imagery.

In math, we completed our formative assessment for order of operations. Those who had completed the task got an extension task in which they had to fill in the missing number in an expression.

In UOI, we began with the 'finding out' stage for our unit of inquiry. The children will be finding answers to the open ended questions they had formed during the 'tuning in' stage. Each child was given an option to choose a method by which he/she would find the answers. For example: through the internet, printed text, etc. This is differentiation of the process through Multiple intelligences.

14 October, 2010

14th October

The reflected on the visit to the Chemistry lab yesterday. They got an opportunity to practise writing a topic sentence for their write up. I was glad to see that most of the children were able to write a good topic sentence.

We then tried to formulate questions as a result of the activities. The children were asked to come up with questions that were 'worth inquiring' and not just 'worth being familiar with'. The children are now able to ask open ended questions and will begin finiding answers to their questions soon!
In English, we had a summative assessment for our unit on 'writing to socialize'. The children were asked to write a poem to a friend of theirs. They chose the style through a lucky draw. The criteria for assesment were discussed and displayed on the smart board.

The children have recieved problems based on Order of operations. They need to fill in the missing numbers in the expressions. It is not mentioned in the wroksheet, but, it is supposed to be done using a calculator.

13 October, 2010

13th October

The first thing in the morning, we discussed the homework given on topic sentences. The children were supposed to analyze a few topic sentences and say whether it a good one or not. If not, they were asked to think of a better topic sentence along with guessing the topic. We discussed what each child's opinion was. They were also asked to justify their opinion. This gave them an opportunity to understand the concept of writing topic sentences better.

In math, we had a formative assessment on order of operations. The children were given an open ended task in which they were asked to think of four different number that could form an expression using the four operations and result to 24. The children were highly enthusiastic about solving this one as it involved a lot of critical thinking skills. Many children eventually got the trick!

In UOI, we had a tuning in activity. The children were taken to the chemistry lab. The lab attendant Mr. Govind performed a series of interesting experiments (liquids changing colour, litmus paper changing colour, metal ribbon burning with a bright flame, gases making 'pop' sound, etc.). This intrigued the children a lot and they were constantly in a 'questioning' mode. This is the exact purpose of a tuning in activity.

12th October

In English, we looked into how to begin a piece of writing with a good topic sentence. We viewed a PowerPoint presentation and tried to figure out the criteria for a good topic sentence. We had a group quiz too.

In UOI, we did the "Diamond Ranking" activity. Focusing on the visit to the kitchen, the children were asked to write nine words related to their (anticipated) learning in the upcoming unit. They were then asked to discuss the same in their groups. In groups, the children were again asked to finalize nine words that they thought would make the central idea. These words were written on post - it notes and arranged in the form of a 'diamond'. The groups then tried to form the central idea using the nine words. The five groups came up with different, yet similar central ideas. The pictures will give you a better idea.

11 October, 2010

11th October

Grade 5 had their assembly today. Will be uploading the pictures soon..!!

08 October, 2010

8th October 2010

We ahd a tuning in activity for the unit on materials today. The children were taken to the School kitchen to see what and how materials undergo changes. They were given a sheet to take notes and answer questions.

In math, we continued with BODMAS.

In English, the children began writing an essay. They were asked to choose from a list of idioms. This needs to be completed for homework.

We also practiced for our assembly on Monday.