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20 October, 2010

19th Otober

The fifth graders had a very exciting day as they used their favourite tool for learning: "The internet!"
We did a math assessment using the website It worked very well as the children solved the questions put up on the page and received results depending on the accuracy and the time consumed. They also got extra practice depending on their performance.

The students took part in a poetry writing competition. The theme was importance of reading. They could choose any style of poetry writing. As they have recently inquired into the world of poetry, this gave them an opportunity to flaunt their skills!

In UOI, the inquiry groups looked into the 'form' of their materials. They made observations by looking at samples in the school. They completed a organizing chart to write what their material looks like, feels like, sounds like, smells like and tastes like (for some). We are now focusing on the 'physical properties of materials'.

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