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03 October, 2010

27th to 31st September

My apologies to all the bloggers... Have been quite occupied and was not able to update this page..

But I am back now!!!! And will hence onwards be regular.. for sure!!

Here is a brief overview of what happened this week:

Math: We had a formative assessment in integers. Based on their performance, the children were given extra practice. Focus was given to the concepts which they had not understood well. The students who did well were extended by solving problems based on division of integers.

English: We completed the Poetry booklets. The students were introduced to analysis of poems. We summarized excerpts from the popular poem "Daffodils".

UOI: The children worked on their stage show (A musical play showcasing the 'role of various arts in different cultures around the world). The expert groups worked together. We ended the week by the summative assessment where the children had to interpret the central idea and present it through any art form.

We also had the poetry recitation competition on Monday. Also, you can view images and a video from the CAS event: an orchestra presentation by a visually impaired group.

Here are the pictures and videos from the week:

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