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11 August, 2010

9th and 11th August

A big HELLO to all the visitors to the Grade 5 Blog!!

We will be using this medium to share our learnings in the school and to get feedback from you all. Daily happenings in Grade 5 will be uploaded regularly (including photos and videos). Please feel free to leave any comment. For any further queries, you may contact me @ 8121129397 or

9th August:

All students introduced themselves. All new students were assigned 1 or 2 buddies each. The entire class was taken for a walk around school. We then went to the lawns. The students were asked to find out 10 unknown facts about their buddies. Later, the groups merged with each other and exchanged information. Students were given an opportunity to talk about their holidays, likes, dislikes, etc..

Students were ten given an A4 paper each and were asked to draw/make something that symbolizes them. On completion, they shared their work with the entire class.

The students were also taken to the stores to collect their uniforms.

Towards the end of the end of the day, the students were too tired for any activity and watched a bit of the movie ":Alice in the Wonderland" on the smart board.

11th August:

All students discussed the essential agreements for the Class.

They were given their notebooks for the year and the students labelled them as well.

They were then asked to write a page about their desired goals for this academic year and their strategies for the same.

For HW, the children are asked to reflect on their Vacation. The extension is to solve puzzles from any Newspaper or solve puzzles from the website

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