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14 December, 2010

14th December

The students worked on the story board project today and we learnt prime factorization in math. We also did the IBT for science.

After lunch we had a Christmas assembly. The students participated in a Hindi play, a Spanish dance and a French song.

13 December, 2010

13th December

We continued with the story board project today. The three teams came up with problems that their 'family' would face when they would begin to live in a bare land, like: food and shelter, health and hygiene, entertainment, education, occupation, etc. This is an integrated activity for English (Story writing) and UOI (Civilizations).

In math, we began with highest common factors. The students were given work based on their performance in the pre unit assessment. We followed the listing method.

Apart from all this, we had the IBT (Acer) exams for English and Math. Science will be done tomorrow.

07 December, 2010

7th December

Today in math, we focused on finding factors and multiples. The students were asked to find the factors of the their birthdates (DD/YY) and then for their siblings and parents. They then also found the multiples for their birth date. It was an open ended actvity for which home assignment has been given.

We began with our new unit in English and UOI today. The students first watched a short video of Tom and Jerry and analyzed the components of a story: Characters, Setting, plot, problem and solution.

They were then divided into three groups of eight. They were asked to sketch a character for themselves in a setting. Each group was a family who had migrated to a river side and were to begin living there. They will be doing a story board project in which they will create a 'civilization' of their own. Picture and vidoes will be put up during the stages of the project.

06 December, 2010

6th December

Today we had the summative assessment for the second unit of inquiry on materials. The students were asked to solve a crossword puzzle on materials. They then had to draw a material and write it's properties, benefits, challenges and our responsibility towards the material.

We also touched on the divisibility rules today. They will be solving problems based on this for homework today.

We began with our new unit in English: Story. As a pre-unit assessment, the students were asked to wrtie a story based on Christmas. They were given a rubric to follow.  

3rd December

We went for a field trip today to a construction site in High tech city. We learnt about the different materials used for the construction of the buildings there and the amchinery involved.

When we came back, we had a pre unit assessment for our new unit in math: Factors and Multiples. Students answered questioned based on the objectives of the unit. The further activities will be differentiated based on their performance.

02 December, 2010

2nd December - Singing competition

1st December

The students did the final copy of their reports for English today. We also complete the conversions quiz in Math. We went to the lab and tested some materials for reversability. Some of them were butter, chocolate, egg, cheese, paper, plastic, etc.