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01 November, 2010

Holiday homework - For reference

Grade 5 – Holiday homework (autumn break) – Due on 9th and 10th of November 2010

Name: ______________________

UOI/Math/English/IT: Prepare a PowerPoint presentation on the different physical quantities (mass, temperature, electricity, density, volume, etc.). Conduct research and take notes in the UOI notebook. This will be presented to the entire Grade 5 after reopening. The videos will be put up on the blog. The criteria for assessment are given below. This will be a ‘peer assessment’.






Use of Microsoft PowerPoint

Research skills (Use of different sources of information: Internet, books, people, etc.)

Note taking skills

Understanding of the physical quantities

Units of measurement for the physical quantities

Communication skills (Confidence, Voice modulation, Eye contact, Body language, etc.)

Articulation (Ability to explain to the audience)

Structure of the presentation (Index, Organization of Content, Bibliography, Acknowledgements, etc.)

Peer comment 1:

Peer comment 2:

Parent comment:

Teacher comment:

Self reflection: _

LEARNING LOG: As you conduct research, there will be many concepts that you learn everyday. Make a daily log of your learning (in brief). Also mention the concepts you have learnt in the unit till date.


What did I learn today?

Before 28th October

28h October

Homework notes – Grade 5 – Autumn Break

  • UOI/Math/English/IT: Project sheet given. Assessment tool included. Due after the school reopens. Will be presented in the class. Notes to be written in UOI note book.
  • Maintain a “Learning Log” in the sheet provided (on the flipside of the Project sheet).
  • Reading: Read a non – fiction book (preferably related to your unit of inquiry). Prepare a book report using the template provided
  • Extension: Explore the science websites mentioned on the blog (at the bottom of the page). Include your understandings in the learning log.

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