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18 November, 2010

18th November

We practiced the inter conversion of units today. Students were made to sit in groups according to their level of understanding. The teachers went around helping the children in their respective groups. They are now clear with the conversion of metric units of length. 

The students worked on their UOI charts. A rubric was given to them. They will be doing more research tomorrow and will do experiments next week. Some students also shared the articles that they found in the newspapers that were related to 'materials' (homework).

We had a brief quiz on active and passive voice for language.

We began the process of the PYP Exhibition as well. I began with a presentation for this. We will discuss about the exhibition for some time everyday before beginning with the planning. There will soon be a presentation for parents also as this is a very essential part of the PYP.

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Satish said...

Great going. Nice to see the boy gaining confidence and overcoming shyness. I am confident with your nurturing, this flower will blossom well. I will keep visiting this space