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30 November, 2010

30th November

The young scientists of Grade five had a very exciting day today!

We began the day by discussing further the drawbacks of using some materials. For example, use of plastic causes Global warming and use of too much sugar can cause Diabetes.

We then continued with the Math quiz. We focussed on the customary units today.

The concept of 'Chemical and physical change' was introduced today. The students were asked to close their eyes and imagine a dream in which they go to a place full of candies, chocolates, ice creams, etc. After listening to the story the students realized that their mouths were watering. They were told that it was because of the reaction between the saliva and carbohydrates.
We then went to the Chemistry lab. The students did five different experiments in groups.
* Find exactly how much salt can dissolve in 50 mL of water -They kept mixing different measurents of salt in 50 mL.

* Change the state of a salt solution from liquid to solid - They evapourated a salt solution to get crystals.

* Change the colour (3 different colours) of a piece of paper by using different chemicals - They tried with different chemicals provided by the Lab teacher. They also mixed different chemicals together.

* Separate sand from water in a sand solution - They did the process of sedimentation.

* Separate water from adulterated milk - They first tried to boil the milk and collect water droplets formed due to steam. They were then told to use the centrifugal propeller which eventually worked.

The purpose of the activity was make the students accustomed to writing Lab reports. They have written rough drafts in their notebooks and will be writing the fair copies tomorrow.
It was a very engaging activity in deed! Authentic inquiry was evident.

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