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22 February, 2011

22nd February homework

This is the homework given yesterday in the class. It is due on 24th February if tomorrow is a holiday. Otherwise it will be due on 25th (Friday)

IISH - Grade 5 - HW notes - 21st February, 2011 – Due on 24th February 21, 2011
Math: Create a story problem with fractions. It must include all four basic operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Use the previous math worksheets for reference. Also solve the problem with the help of either pictures or manipulative (paper strips, sticks, blocks, etc.)

English: Read Chapters 5, 6 and 7 of the novel. Update your dictionary. Write a summary of the entire chapter (altogether) in your novel study notebook.

English/UOI: Etymology: Create a Crossword puzzle of at least 15-20 words. The clues must be the origin of the words. Make it as challenging as possible. Use the place at the bottom and the flip side.

UOI: Unit reflection - At least four pages – To be typed (Font: Arial, Size: 12). They will be printed in school. Comment on:
* Your "big understanding" from the unit

* Few of your discoveries

* Your inquiry process in the unit - How did you learn whatever you learnt?

* Likes and dislikes in the unit.

* What would you want to further inquire about?

* How did you use the IB Learner Profile and the attitudes in the unit? (Listed in the Scool diary)

* What action would you like to take to take as a result of your learning?
Organize you text by using topics/subtopics.
** The student folders were not sent home the previous week due to Indus Day rehearsal. They will be sent home this weekend. Reminder: Bring back the ACER trial assessments for Math and English

Websites for online crossword puzzles:

Videos watched in class:

Websites for finding word origins:

04 February, 2011

Weekend homework - February 4th

The day ended quite haphazardly today. The students were not able to complete filing their worksheets. They will complete the same on Monday and the parents may send feedback on Tuesday.

Also, many students were unable to write the homework in their diaries. To avoid any confusion, kindly use this as reference:

Weekend homework:

Math: Worksheets given

UOI: Read the notes given on Egyptian, Aztec and Greek civilization. This will help in the 'Fun Quiz' at the end of the unit.

English: Use the facts you have gathered so far on Roman Civilization and write the 'Story of Rome' (a narrative passage). Include the events (As many as possible) that occured in Rome. Write this in your writing note book. Make a flow chart of events before the passage.

Spell test: Revise word # 46 to #90 - for Monday (List already given last week):

46. lawyer

47. daughter

48. fought

49. stalk

50. laughter

51. planet

52. arithmetic

53. number

54. gymnastics

55. restaurant

56. tornado

57. cereal (H)

58. plywood

59. typhoon

60. mermaid

61. widow

62. reached

63. chicken

64. church

65. ditch

66. sharks

67. selfish

68. scald

69. field

70. scheme

71. athlete

72. paradise

73. personal

74. birchbark

75. earth

76. garbage

77. mirror

78. slowly

79. scarf

80. stubborn

81. stomach

82. raccoon

83. future

84. canoe

85. dozen

86. squeezed

87. museum

88. kennel

89. freckles

90. picnicking

Extension (Optional): Make a presentation on any civilization of your choice (apart from the ones done in the class)