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16 November, 2010

16th November

In math, we did a very interesting activity: The children were divided in four groups (mixed levels). There were activities kept in a jar. These were related to measurements. The teams were asked to pick a activity from the jar and the measurements were noted down by a captain. The team which did the maximum activties won a prize.

We also did interconversion of units today. We have begun with interconverting the metric units of length. They were introduced to the "Prefix ladder": kilo, hecto, deca, meter, deci, centi and milli. They were given an easy way remember this: King Henry Died Mother Didn't Cry Much. We solved some examples on the board.

The students spent some time in completing their portfolios today. They chose their best pieces of work from all their folders and filed them in the portfolio.


Jiten Kadiyala said...

It is very interesting for the use of Mnemonics or Acronyms for the teaching of these difficult concepts to be remembered easily. There is a whole list of Mnemonics at . It has something for different subject at Interesting reading.

I still remember the names of planets having been taught as a Mnemonic by my teachers. It makes learning much more fun and easy.

Archana said...

I agree.. Mnemonics is really fool proof..!! :)