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11 November, 2010

Categorizing posts using labels and 'Reactions'

As our Blog is getting older, the number of posts have increased a lot! I have hence categorized the posts using 'labels'. These are viewable on the right side of the page (below my profile). You can view the older posts by clicking on the categories. For example, the lable 'IT integration' is linked to the posts that speak about the activities in the class that made use of IT (Information and Technology); The posts that contain videos are under the label 'videos' and so on.. The number in the brackets signify the number of posts in that category. For example 'activity (17)' means there are 17 posts that speak about various activities.

There is also something new and iteresting: "Reactions". Now, for each of the posts, you can say whether the post is Excellent, Good, Average or bad by just ticking on the boxes given below.

Let me know what you think...

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