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26 November, 2010

26th November

We began the day by discussing yesterday's homework. The students shared their results of the experiment they conducted. They also seem to be getting clear with customary unit conversions.

The students then completed the crossword puzzles they have been working on. This activity has helped them to improve their scientific vocabulary.

The students formulated questions for further inquiry in the unit. They will be 'finding out' the answers next week.

After lunch, the Grade five students and teachers went to a government school as a part of the CAS program. They taught the grade five students in that school how to multiply with the use of manipulative. The students were so engaged that they did not wish to come back! They will be writing reflections on the visit over the weekend. Some of them will be put up on the blog.

Grade five is going for a field trip to a construction on 3rd December (Next Friday). We will be leaving at 9:30 am from school and will come back at 12:30 pm. Consent forms have been sent. Pleases send them back on Monday. Feel free to get in touch with me for any clarifications.

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