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29 November, 2010

29th November

Today, the Grade five had a very long discussion on the benefits using different materials as well as the challenges. We discussed the benefits as a class and the challenges were discussed in groups. All the students took notes in their UOI notebooks. We spent a  lot of time analyzing why certain materials are used for certain purposes. For example rubber is used for making automobile tyres to reduce friction between the tyres and the roads. They also are strong, shock absorbers and produce very less sound. No other material has these properties. We discussed many scientific concepts that arised during the discussion.

The students then practiced writing scientific reports by watching a video of a simple experiment and writing a report for the same. Yet again many scientific phenomenon were discussed. The students listened very carefully to absorb all the information!

We then had a quiz in math for unit conversions. Each group was given a question based on conversions. All the students were given 30 seconds to solve the problem individually in their Math notebooks. Th group then discussed the solution and the captain had to give out the answer. We will be completing this activity tomorrow. It is a formative assessment.


Anonymous said...

it would be good to see that if you would do some activities/reserches on the laptops or computers based on thier studies

Archana said...

Hi Shambavi!!! We actually do a lot of research and other activities on the computers. We often do to the IT lab for this due to the big number. I also give addresses of many interactive websites based on the topic being focused on.