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12 November, 2010

12th November - Presentations 4

We began the day by competing the PowerPoint presentations by the students.

All the students have put in tremendous effort to prepare and present. I have given them many tips to improve their communication and technical skills. Considering it was the first time they did such a project, the students have done an excellent job and I Congratulate all of them for their achievement!

We went for a walk around the school today to see different objects and estimate their measurements along with the units. We also analyzed the materials these objects were made of. We observed the beam in the school corridor, the school bus and the juice container (which was kept for snack).

In language, we looked into Active and Passive voice today. They were asked to observe Ms. Kata and write what she was doing in two different ways. The children then identified the voice of the sentences on the Smart board. They also formed their own sentenced in active and passive voice. They also learnt to inter convert sentences based on the voice. They were all excited to learn something new and interesting

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