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11 November, 2010

11th November - Presentations 3

It was the thrid day after reopening and the students are still doing there PowerPoint presentations! But, in my opinion, it is worth spending time on these presentations as this is an opportunity for the students to enhance their IT as well as communication skills. In fact, this is the first-of-it's-kind project for the students and hence they have been extremely excited to do it! It was amazing to see that even thought all the presentations had similar content, the students showed a lot of interest in listening to their peers. A reason for this was that this was a 'peer assessment'.

The videos that were uploaded yesterday do not seem to play due to some error in uploading. They will be reloaded over the weekend. The ones for today have been put up. Along with the presentations, we watched a few videos on Atoms, molecules, elements, compounds, mixtures and the periodic table. As this is a complex concept, different types of videos for the same content were played so that every understands the topic. Of course there was simultaneous explanation too. The children have got homework to write about the above concepts. However, we will be doing more activities for better understanding.

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