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27 October, 2010

27th October

We began the day by discussing the UOI/English homework. The Grade fives were given a list of scientific terms related to the unit of matter. They were asked to use the dictionary to find the meanings/definitions. We discussed in the class the different results and attempted to analyze them. Some of were: vaccum, malleable, ductile, conductivity, tension, resistance, porous, corrosion, abbrasive, etc.

We also had a class discussion based on positive thinking. The children used a graphis organizer to reflect on themselves. They analyzed their current behaviour and realized the improvements required.

We spent the rest of the day practicing for the cultural fest. The programme begins at 10:30 am on Friday. It will take place in the Secondary block. Directions will be given at your arrival.

The children have been given homework: math puzzles and a crossword ( Some children called me up saying that they were unable to open the website. There is nothing to worry... it can be done at school tomorrow!

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