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20 October, 2010

20th October

Today, we did an activity which integrated math, English as well as UOI!

The children watched a very nice video on As we learning about matter and materials, we will be conducting many experiments! And with experiments are incomplete without measurements! Hence, we focused on this very concept. The children watched a video about what is the meaning of measuring matter. They were introduced to the physical quantities: mass, volume and density. The most interesting fact that they learnt was they learnt was the difference between 'mass' and 'weight'. Watching the video gave the children an opportunity to begin enhancing their note - taking skills. Tomorrow, we will inquire into the physical and chemical properties of water by conducting experiments. They will learn to write 'lab reports' and also get a hands on experience on taking measurements.

As a part of the 'library week', the children participated in a session of story telling by Ms. Deepa. The children enjoyed it so much that they did not want her to stop!!

For homework, the children will write a reflection on the story telling session. They will also write an essay on 'Life without measurements'. They have been asked to make use of good topic sentences. As mentioned in the homework notes today, I wanted to reiterate that all the homework given during the week is always due on the next day, unless otherwise mentioned. The only exception is on Fridays when the homework is due on the following Tuesdays. This is because most of the students are pre occupied during the weekend. Please let me know if you have any queries regarding this.

We also had a run through for 29th October.

Due to technical problems with the website, I am not able to upload pictures for today and yesterday. Will surely do it ASAP!


Swapna said...

Seems like it was a very interesting day for the kids.Gr8 job Archana.It would be gr8 if the children will be given any written notes on measurements,b'coz it will be difficult for them to remember everything orally. It would be helpful to them as well as us also(reference sake).After all science/maths is all about formulas.I'm sure all the parents would agree with me.

Archana said...

I too agree with you Swapna! All the formulae used will be put up in the notebooks for sure!