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14 October, 2010

14th October

The reflected on the visit to the Chemistry lab yesterday. They got an opportunity to practise writing a topic sentence for their write up. I was glad to see that most of the children were able to write a good topic sentence.

We then tried to formulate questions as a result of the activities. The children were asked to come up with questions that were 'worth inquiring' and not just 'worth being familiar with'. The children are now able to ask open ended questions and will begin finiding answers to their questions soon!
In English, we had a summative assessment for our unit on 'writing to socialize'. The children were asked to write a poem to a friend of theirs. They chose the style through a lucky draw. The criteria for assesment were discussed and displayed on the smart board.

The children have recieved problems based on Order of operations. They need to fill in the missing numbers in the expressions. It is not mentioned in the wroksheet, but, it is supposed to be done using a calculator.

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