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15 October, 2010

15th October

Today, the fifth graders completed their English summative assessment. The first draft is ready. They may edit the same and publish it on the coloured sheet given. An illustration can be included for better imagery.

In math, we completed our formative assessment for order of operations. Those who had completed the task got an extension task in which they had to fill in the missing number in an expression.

In UOI, we began with the 'finding out' stage for our unit of inquiry. The children will be finding answers to the open ended questions they had formed during the 'tuning in' stage. Each child was given an option to choose a method by which he/she would find the answers. For example: through the internet, printed text, etc. This is differentiation of the process through Multiple intelligences.


Anonymous said...

want to know more about the english wrk.

Archana said...

The children were asked to write a poem (style was chosen by them; ex.: acrostic, shape poem, etc.)to a friend of theirs. They were asked to write it in such a way that the poems enhances their friendship (as the unit was writing to socialize and one of the objectives is 'enhancing relationships through writing). The children worked on it yesterday and today. They have finished the planning and drafting stage. I have asked them to publish the poem as homework. Coloured sheets have been given. I hope this answers your query. Also, please may I know who this is? The comment says 'from anonymous'.