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10 March, 2011

Reflection by Koumudhi Reddy - March 9th (Wednesday)

It was an awesome day!

Everyone did what they liked the best during Hobby classes. In math, we had to show percent by using manipulative and solve some questions in our note book.U.O.I was also very interesting.In English, we are doing 'Writing to inquire', so, we had to make  inquiry questions related to technology and find the answers by researching in the Library. We will preparing a report based on our research. We also watched some videos on the history of computers and how the internet works which was followed by discussions. During Art, boys and girls were grouped to make a scene with characters. Characters were made by recycling paper.Some people also got to make poster on shapes. We are all working towards making a 'Story board'.

We were all 'Inquirers' today and used our 'creativity' too!

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