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09 April, 2011

6th April - Wednesday

We began the day by some written work in English. The students were asked to write a persuasive essay. They were given three options: Adoption of animals, homework and addiction to smoking. They were also given different templates to plan for the write up.
We then did a collaborative KWHL by analyzing the central idea. On different post it’s, the students wrote what they knew about the central idea, what they wanted to know and how would find out the answers. The ‘L’ section will be filled as and when they learn new concepts.
We then spent some time to scaffold the central idea into three main parts to frame the lines of inquiry. This is what the students want to inquire into:
·         The importance of education for all
·         The meaning of whole some education
·         The effect of a good education system on world peace
Framing the central idea and the inquiry lines themselves has given them a lot of ownership of the unit. We are hoping the interest levels stay on the higher side up till the end!
We ended the day by having a pre unit assessment for our new unit in math: Points, Lines and Angles. The students were asked to complete sentence starters to show their prior knowledge of the topics in the unit.

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