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09 April, 2011

7th April - Thursday

In English today we continue with the persuasive essay. The students wrote their drafts and edited them.
In Math, we came up with the definition of points and lines. The students were made to understand the meaning of ‘Dimensions’. We also looked at linear and non linear points and the labeling of points.

The students were made clear about the concept of ‘wholesome’ education through a guest speech by Ms. Aruna, our school counselor. She spoke about the two important aspects of a person: mind and body. The students understood the difference between ‘education’ and ‘literacy’. They realized that good education can help us to be psychologically strong and emotionally stable and that being a good individual is just as important as being knowledgeable. The speech was truly engaging and motivating for the students. They filled up a reflection sheet after the speech.

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