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25 November, 2010

25th November

inquiryToday, the grade five students did a very interesting activity in UOI: Some intriguing materials were kept in the PYP corridor (optic wire, paint, aluminium foil, dough, curd, etc.). The students were given a graphic organizer and were asked to inquire into these materials. They answered questions like 'what is the material called?', 'What do you think it is used for?' , 'What do you think it is made of?', 'What are the materials involved?', etc. After coming back to class we did a think-pair-share activity where each student was asked to quite reflect on the activity and think of questions. They were then asked to choose a partner and share their thoughts and ideas.

The students found it very engaging and had them wondering! The corridor was filled with interesting hypothesis and constant discussions. This was a true example of authentic INQUIRY!!

We also did more practice with customary unit conversions in math. The students were divided into groups based on their understanding and both the teachers helped them in clearing their doubts.
In English, the students worked on the crossword puzzles in their groups. They referred many sources for clues and the answers.
We also completed the charts for we will be donating to the community school as a part of the CAS program.

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