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14 November, 2010

Be the Soaring Eagle - A note on Children's day

I am in deed fortunate to be teaching the very intellectual as well as affectionate students of Grade 5! In spite of being a big number, we never miss out on either academics or fun! The academic level of the batch is high and it has been incredible to teach and learn complicated concepts and bring in academic rigour: from converting binary numbers to operating with integers and from writing lab reports to inquiring into the periodic table! It's been a spectacular journey so far and I am sure it will only enhance further in the near future..

On this Children's day, I wish each and every aspiring 'EAGLE' of this wonderful class the greatest success and everlasting happiness! Always remember to focus on your goals just like the eagle and keep up the attitude of never giving up!

Click here to watch an inspiring video on the Eagle

I request all the students to watch the video/presentation and write a short reflection on your realizations. They will be published on the blog.

Have a great one!

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