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12 November, 2010

Visit by Mr. Ram Charan Teja

The students were overwhelmed to meet Mr. Ram Charan Teja (a famous Telugu actor) when he came to our classroom at around 2:30 pm. At his arrival, the students delightfully rushed to grab an autograph of the 'star'! They asked questions about his new movie 'Orange' and told him that his movies 'rock'! Mr. Teja humbly autographed their diaries, notebooks and whatever writable substance the students found instantaneously. What struck me with amazement was that the Grade fives enthusiastically requested him to view this Blog!! The address was then given to him. If you are reading this Mr. Teja, Thanks a lot for visiting the kids. It was in deed a splendid experience!!


Kapil Mehrotra said...

A good display of IB learner profile and attitude by Grade 5 in real life situation.

Archana said...

Thank you Mr. Kapil! - from Grade 5